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Ex-triathlete and marathoner, Renata de Abreu has been a body treatment expert and tycoon within theSpa trade for over fourteen years. With expertise and international certification, additionally to giving technical consulting for Spa management, she participates in health and sweetness programs on Fox TV, Canal Bem Simples and Rede Globo.

Spa Consultant Renata de Abreu

Her protocols and exclusive courses are fastidiously ready to make sure positive ends up in treatments and valuation of the skilled World Health Organization carries them out. this is often tested by the very fact that one in all her Spas is taken into account the sixth best within the Americas, with a philosophy supported attention to details and to the individual desires of purchasers.


Renata de Abreu began her business life finding out science, however fell crazy with G-Jo. From that time on, she determined to get additional expertise within the space, connection theory with observe learned within the categories. A pioneer and creator of various techniques, she has worked during this phase since 1998. because of all this expertise, she has complete understanding of the strategies of developing Spas, menus and promoting methods within the esthetics space.

Deepak Chopra Instructor

The Chopra’s Center excellent Health Program may be a complete Ayurvedic cleanse designed to form balance in eachthe mind and body through daily Ayurvedic spa treatments, a mind-body consultation with a board-certified Dr. and Ayurvedic professional , cleansing diet, seasoning supplements, instruction in aboriginal Sound Meditation and also theSeven non secular Laws of Yoga.

Renata de Abreu may be a certified Chopra Center’s teacher for the proper Health Program.

Meditation is a lot of fashionable than it’s ever been—and permanently reason. With the dealings of research projecttouting its health edges, beloved celebrities proclaiming their love for the observe, and CEOs and huge firms brazenly discussing however meditation will facilitate productivity and focus, it’s powerful to ignore the attentiveness trend.
If you would like to begin learning, contact Renata Abreu for your Personal Meditation category.

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